10 Virtual Team Meeting Games to Reconnect your Remote Team in 2020

In this post, we’ll cover…

  • Why Use Virtual Team Meeting Games?
  • 4 Benefits of Virtual Team Meeting Games
  • When to Use Virtual Team Meeting Games
  • Top 10 Virtual Team Meeting Games
  • Game #1: Staff Soundbite
  • Game #2: Jeopardy
  • Game #3: Picture Zoom
  • Game #4: Mini Balderdash
  • Game #5: Build a Storyline
  • Game #6: Household Movie
  • Game #7: Most Likely to…
  • Game #8: Pointless
  • Game #9: Sheet Hot Masterpiece
  • Game #10: Drawful 2
  • The Best Tool for Creating Virtual Team Meeting Games

Why Use Virtual Team Meeting Games?

4 Benefits of Virtual Team Meeting Games

  1. Team bonding — Putting co-workers together to engage in virtual team meeting games is as good as any team building activity you can do in-person. These games not only form bonds within teams, but also the connection of your workforce as a whole. Naturally, this can have amazing benefits for company-wide unity long after the meeting has finished.
  2. Help break the ice — Maybe your team is one that has only just formed, or maybe your meetings are pretty infrequent. If your team members are getting to know each other for the first time, or for the first time in a long time, virtual team meeting games are fantastic for breaking the ice. They let new members get to know each other on a human level and help to reconnect co-workers who used to see each other every day. Looking for great virtual ice breakers to connect your team? We’ve got a bunch of them here.
  3. Improved memory of meetings — Things that are different and fun are memorable, right? Do you remember each of your 30 zoom calls with your boss this month, or do you remember the one time that her dog was making a pillow fort in the background? The same thing goes for games in meetings. A team member who performs an activity that’s engaging and different from the norm is more likely to remember the details of your meeting afterwards.
  4. Psychologically, for them — The most important benefit of virtual team meeting games is one of the mind. A Buffer survey revealed that 20% of remote workers name loneliness as the biggest struggle when working from home, the joint top response with collaboration and communication issues. Psychologically speaking, co-operative games can do wonders for your workers’ state of mind and give them a feeling of togetherness that transcends the importance of work.

When to Use Virtual Team Meeting Games

  • At the beginning — These kinds of games are traditionally used to break the ice and get brains in a creative, open state before the meeting.
  • In the middle — A game to break up the heavy business flow of a meeting will usually be most welcome by the team.
  • At the end — A recap game works great for checking understanding and ensuring everyone’s on the same page before they go back to their remote work.

Top 10 Virtual Team Meeting Games

Game #1: Staff Soundbite

How to make it

  1. Ask for 1 or 2-sentence impressions of different staff members. Keep it innocent and clean!
  2. Put all of those soundbites into type answer quiz slides on AhaSlides and ask ‘who’s this?’ in the heading.
  3. Add the correct answer along with any other accepted answers you think your team might propose.
  4. Give them a time limit and ensure that faster answers get more points.

Game #2: Jeopardy

How to make it

  1. Head to Jeopardy Labs and either find or create (create is better) a Jeopardy table.
  2. Make 5 or more categories.
  3. Make 5 or more questions for each category. Make sure they get progressively harder down the table.
  4. Put your participants into teams and share your screen.
  5. Follow the usual Jeopardy format (check out this great article for online Jeopardy)

Game #3: Picture Zoom

How to make it

  1. Gather a handful of images that connect your co-workers.
  2. Create a type answer quiz slide on AhaSlides and add an image.
  3. When the option to crop the image appears, zoom in on a part of the image and click save.
  4. Write what the correct answer is, with a few other accepted answers as well.
  5. Set a time limit and choose whether to grant faster answerers more points.
  6. In the quiz leaderboard slide that follows your type answer slide, set the background image as the full-sized image.

Game #4: Mini Balderdash

How to make it

  1. Find a list of weird words and use AhaSlides to make an open-ended slide for each.
  2. Choose to hide the answers and reveal them when everyone’s guess is in.
  3. After each of these slides, add two multiple choice slides, one asking which answer is right and one asking which one is funniest.
  4. Give 2 points for anyone who got the right answer, 1 point to each person who voted the right answer when listed, and 1 point to each person who got a funny answer vote.

Game #5: Build a Storyline

How to make it

  1. Create an open-ended slide on AhaSlides and put the title as the beginning to your story.
  2. Add the ‘name’ box under ‘additional fields’ so you can keep track of who’s answered
  3. Add the ‘team’ box and replace the text with ‘who’s next?’, so that each writer can write the name of the next.
  4. Make sure the results are unhidden and presented in a grid, so the writers can see the story in a line before they add their part.
  5. Tell your team to put something on their head during the meeting while they’re writing their part. That way, you can rightly excuse anyone gazing down at their phone and laughing.

Game #6: Household Movie

How to make it

  1. Assign movies to each of your team members or allow free range (as long as they have a picture of the real scene, too).
  2. Give them 10 minutes to find whatever they can around their house that can recreate a famous scene from that movie.
  3. While they’re doing this, create a multiple choice slide on AhaSlides with the names of the movie titles.
  4. Choose the layout of the results between a bar, donut or pie chart.
  5. Click ‘allow picking more than one option’ so that participants can name their top 3 recreations.
  6. Hide the results until they’re all in and reveal them at the end.

Game #7: Most Likely to…

How to make it

  1. Make a bunch of multiple choice slides on AhaSlides with ‘most likely to…’ as the title.
  2. Choose to ‘add a longer description’ and type in the rest of the ‘most likely’ scenario on each slide.
  3. Write the names of the participants in the ‘options’ box.
  4. Untick the ‘this question has correct answer(s)’ box.
  5. Present the results in a bar chart.
  6. Choose to hide the results and reveal them at the end.

Game #8: Pointless

How to make it

  1. Create a word cloud slide with Ahaslides and put the broad question as the title.
  2. Up the ‘entires per participant’ to 3 (or anything more than 1).
  3. Put a time limit on answering each question.
  4. Hide the results and reveal them at the end.
  5. The most mentioned answer will loom largest in the cloud and the least mentioned (the one that gets the points) will be the smallest.

Game #9: Sheet Hot Masterpiece

How to make it

  1. Create a Google Sheet.
  2. Press CTRL + A to select all cells.
  3. Drag the lines of the cells to make them all square.
  4. Click on Format and then Conditional Formatting (with all cells still selected).
  5. Under ‘Format rules’ select ‘Text is exactly’ and input the value of 1.
  6. Under ‘Formatting style’ choose the ‘fill colour’ and the ‘text colour’ as a colour from the artwork being recreated.
  7. Repeat this process with all the other colours of the artwork (entering 2, 3, 4, etc. as the value for each new colour).
  8. Add a colour key on the left so that participants know what number values evoke what colours.
  9. Repeat the entire process for a few different artworks (make sure the artworks are simple so that this doesn’t take forever).
  10. Insert an image of each artwork into each sheet that you’re making, so that your participants have a reference to draw from.
  11. Make a simple multiple choice slide on AhaSlides so that everyone can vote for their favourite 3 recreations.

Game #10: Drawful 2

How to make it

  1. Purchase and download Drawful 2 (it’s cheap!)
  2. Open it up, start a new game and share your screen.
  3. Invite your team to join on their phones via a room code.
  4. The rest is explained on the game. Have fun!

The Best Tool for Creating Virtual Team Meeting Games



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