20 Pros and Cons of E-Learning in Live Virtual Classrooms (+ 4 Free Tools!)

Your Guide to the Pros and Cons of E-Learning

The 12 Pros of E-Learning

1. Flexibility

2. Huge Boost to Independent Skills

3. Preparation for a Remote Future

4. Way More Interactive

5. Using Online Documents is Vastly Superior

6. Super Green

7. Easy to Organise and Recap

8. Lots of Supervision

9. Pandemic-Proof

10. Anonymous Participation

11. Downloadable Lesson Plans

12. Organised Analytics

The 8 Cons of E-Learning

1. Engagement is not Easy

2. Not Everyone has the Tech

3. Tech Issues

4. Harder to Control the Class

5. One-on-One Teaching can Suffer

6. Harder for Students to Socialise

7. Zoom Fatigue

8. Lack of Movement

4 Free Tools for the Live Virtual Classroom

Tool #1 — Excalidraw

Tool #2 — Veyon

Tool #3 — Flipgrid

Tool #4: AhaSlides

Click Here to Start Engaging Your Students with AhaSlides!



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