3 Key Tips to Hosting A Successful Q&A Online in 2020

  • How to prepare for a Q&A online
  • How to order and display your questions
  • How to share your answers online

3 Tips to Hosting a Great Q&A Online

Tip #1: Prepare for It!

Tip #2 — Order and Display it Professionally

  • Display and sorting — A Q&A slide is a great way to keep everyone on the same page. All the audience’s questions are displayed for everyone to see and are automatically sorted into categories.
  • Pinning queries — Maybe you’re running out of time on your Q&A but the answers still keep flooding in. Pinning any of the questions is a great way to ensure none get lost in the mix.
  • Audience upvoting — This feature lets the audience ‘thumbs up’ any of the queries that they, too, would like an answer to. The more popular a query, the higher it is placed on the ‘top questions’ table.
  • Anonymity — Much of your audience will be embarassed to ask questions — that’s just the reality of Q&A. Allowing your participants to ask anonymously is so important to addressing questions that may never come to light in an in-person setting.

Tip #3 — Share it Online!

Want to Start Hosting a Successful Q&A Online?



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