40-Question Premade Family Christmas Quiz 2020 (Free Download)

6 min readOct 15, 2020

Need a family Christmas quiz with a perfect balance of age-friendly questions? Well, merry Christmas to you, because we’ve just put a free one in your stocking!

Check out our ready-made family Christmas quiz and how you can utilise AhaSlides’ virtual features to make it a cross-generational corker this Christmas!

Your Family Christmas Quiz, Explained…

  • How to Download our Premade Family Christmas Quiz (for Free!)
  • 4 Reasons to Take This Year’s Family Christmas Quiz Online
  • How to Use and Adapt Your New Family Christmas Quiz
  • Need Help Using our Premade Family Christmas Quiz?
  • Download it for Free!

How to Download our Premade Family Christmas Quiz (for Free!)

Below you’ll find our premade family quiz suitable for kids and adults alike. It’s a 40-question quiz with a bonus practical round, should you want to get creative!


  1. Click the link above.
  2. Click the blue button that says ‘copy to your account’.
  3. When prompted, create a free account with AhaSlides in less than 3 minutes.
  4. On the ‘My Presentations’ dashboard, click on ‘Family Christmas Quiz’.

4 Reasons to Take This Year’s Family Christmas Quiz Online

  1. Perfect for the year 2020 — Confined to your house for the holidays? Seems to be a bit of theme this year, doesn’t it? An online family Christmas quiz makes sure that all members of the fam are still fully connected from their own homes.
  2. Great for extended family — If your family lies further afield, like, say, the other side of the world, online quizzes are the best way to have fun across time zones.
  3. Super low effort — In fact, pretty much NO effort. We’ve done it all for you! No brain power or heaps of wasted materials.
  4. Easy technology — We keep our tech simple enough for gran to understand. As long as she’s got a phone, she’s in!

How to Use and Adapt Your New Family Christmas Quiz

You’ll now have full access and free reign over the quiz! Before quiz day, make sure that you and your participants will have everything you need.

What You’ll Need…

  • 1 family (pretty essential!)
  • 1 desktop or laptop for the quiz master.
  • 1 desktop, laptop, tablet or phone for each quiz player.
  • Some household materials for the practical round (or not if you choose to take this round out).

If you’re doing this quiz entirely online, your participants will need two devices — one for video conferencing and one for AhaSlides.

That’s it!

Making it a Team Quiz

This family Christmas quiz is solo by default, but you can opt for a team one if you want to provoke a mini festive war between the two sides of the family.

  1. To do this, click on ‘settings’ in the top bar and come down to ‘quiz settings’.
  2. Select the checkbox that says ‘play as teams’.
  3. Choose the number of teams, the team size and the scoring rule for the teams.

Click on ‘set team names’ to open another pop-up box. Here you can write the names of your teams (either ones you assign yourself or ones invented on quiz day by your participants).

When it’s time for players to join the quiz, each will choose their team on their devices.

Changing the Difficulty

By definition, it’s hard to please everyone with a family Christmas quiz. Still, you can give it a go!

The questions in our template are a mixture of easy and difficult, but you can make any question easier and harder with a few simple changes:

Making it Easier

  • You can change any slides in which participants must type the answer into a multiple choice question. Simply change this in the ‘type’ tab of the slide and offer a multiple choice option.
  • Add clues in the description box of any difficult question. These will show up on the players’ devices.
  • Add clues through background images. You can choose these in the ‘background’ tab, either by uploading your own or choosing from image and GIF libraries.

Making it Harder

  • Make it a solo quiz. It’s always harder figuring this stuff out on your own!
  • Turn any multiple choice slides into type answer slides.
  • Add your own more difficult questions. Speaking of which….

Adding Your Own Questions

Want the good times to keep rolling? Well, there’s no slide limit to an AhaSlides presentation — you can keep quizzing until the new year!

Take a look at some of our Christmas quiz round ideas for kids and adults alike:

Christmas Quiz Round Ideas

  • Chocolate Slogans — A list of advertising slogans that players have to match to the chocolate they belong to.
  • Best-selling Christmas Toy of the Year — A multiple choice of toys that players guess which was the best selling of a particular year.
  • True or False — Two options: true or false for a bunch of Christmas facts.
  • A to Z — 26 ‘type answer’ questions with answers starting with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Christmas Songs in Emojis — A list of Christmas song titles rendered in emojis; players type the answer.
  • Christmas Spot the Difference — Two images with small differences; get the kids to list them out!

If you’re looking to add in a bit of general knowledge into your family Christmas quiz, we’ve got some real multi-generational corkers in our Star Wars quiz, our Marvel quiz and our Harry Potter quiz.

In fact, you can check out our whole premade quiz library. Simply copy any of those quizzes to your account to start using them!

Inviting your Participants

To allow people into your quiz, simply show them the URL link at the top of the slide. Each slide will have this unique code (unless you choose to remove it) so even the dinosaurs of the family can join when they’ve got it all figured out!

Participants put the URL link into their devices and are prompted to choose a name, an avatar, and if it’s a team quiz, a team.

Need Help Using our Premade Family Christmas Quiz?

Don’t sweat it.

You can contact our team at any time via the live chat function. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible to make sure your family Christmas quiz goes off without a hitch!

Download it for Free!

Just click on the button below or on the ‘copy to your account’ button up here.


Merry Quizmas!




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