Apr 3, 2020

5 min read

7 Common Mistakes in Bad Speeches, and How to Avoid Them

BOOHOO! Bad Speeches

  1. Losing Focus on Audience
  2. Information Overflow
  3. No Outline
  4. No Visual Aids
  5. Exclusive Environment
  6. Distracting Mannerisms
  7. Delivery over Contents

Mistake 1: Forgetting Your Audience

  • Delivering generic, common knowledge that brings no added value, or
  • Providing abstract stories and vague terminologies that the audience cannot understand

Mistake 2: Flooding Your Audience with Information

Mistake 3: Bad Speeches Are Ones without An Outline

Mistake 4: Where is Your Visual Aids?

Mistake 5: Exclusive Environment

Mistake 6: Distracting Mannerisms

  • Rocking back and forth
  • Pulling up your sleeves
  • Swaying your hand
  • Leaning against the lantern
  • Standing with both hands clasped below your waist
  • Avoiding eye contact

Mistake 7: Delivery over Content