Christmas Movie Quiz 2020: Free Download + Interactive Software (50 Questions & Answers)

Your Free Christmas Movie Quiz Guide

  • Christmas Movie Quiz 2020 (Free Download!)
  • How it Works
  • Are you a Quizmas Quiz-Head?
  • How to Use and Adapt this Christmas Movie Quiz

Christmas Movie Quiz 2020 (Free Download!)

  • Click on the link above.
  • Skim through the preview and, if you’re happy with it, press ‘sign up’ in the bottom-right corner.
  • A message will come up asking you to create a free AhaSlides account. You can do this within 2 minutes.
  • Once you’re set up, you’ll be taken to the ‘My Presentations‘ dashboard. Here, select ‘Christmas Movie Quiz’.
  • Start editing the quiz however you like! (We’ve got some ideas for you later in the article).

How it Works

Quiz master view
Quiz player view

Are you a Quizmas Quiz-Head?

How to Use and Adapt this Christmas Movie Quiz

  • For the quiz master: 1 laptop or desktop with an AhaSlides account.
  • For the quiz players: 1 phone each.

1. Solo Quiz or Team Quiz?

  1. In the quiz editor, click on the ‘Settings’ tab on the top bar.
  2. Check the box under ‘Quiz settings’ that says ‘play as teams’.
  1. Alter the number and size of the teams for your quiz. As all team members will have their own answering devices, you can also decide how the team’s points are calculated and awarded.
  1. Click on ‘set team names’ and you’ll be able to write in the names for each of your teams. You can do this part on the day of the quiz, once the teams are settled and the names have been decided by the players.

2. Joining the Quiz

  1. Via the join code that lies across the top bar of every slide. Anyone can type this unique code into their browser at any point during the quiz, and when they’ve entered their details, they’ll jump in at whatever slide you’re presenting.
  1. Via the QR code, which is shown when you click on the top bar of a slide. Anyone can scan this unique barcode on their phone’s camera, after which they will be taken straight to the quiz.

3. Changing the Difficulty

Making it Easier

  • Make it a team quiz: 4 heads are better than 1! Check out the instructions above for how to enable teamplay.
  • Make it multiple choice: Any ‘type answer’ slide can transform into a ‘pick answer’ slide at the click of a button. Just change the slide type, add in 3 incorrect answers and you’re done!
  • Get rid of the time pressure: As default, all questions have a 30-second time limit (45 seconds for the music round) and more points are awarded for faster answers. Lengthening the time limit and unchecking the checkbox for ‘faster answers get more points’ will remove the pressure to answer quickly and allow more time for thought.

Making it More Difficult

  • Keep it as a solo quiz: It’s much harder to answer without teammates!
  • Take away the choice: Turn ‘pick answer’ slides into ‘type answer’ slides.
  • Restrict the time: Tighten up the time restriction to force answers quickly.

4. Adding Your Own Questions

  1. Click on the ‘new slide’ button in the bottom left corner of the editor.
  2. Head to the ‘type’ tab.
  3. Choose one of the three types of quiz slides available.

Download the Free Christmas Movie Quiz for 2020



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