Easter Quiz: 20 Questions and Answers (+ Free Download!)

The Ultimate Easter Quiz 2021 — Free Download 👇


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How to Use this Easter Quiz

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  • Players: A smartphone.

Option #1: Change the Questions

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Just Need the Questions and Answers?

Round 1: General Easter Knowledge

  1. How long is Lent, the period of fasting before Easter? — 20 days // 30 days // 40 days // 50 days
  2. Select the 5 real days that relate to Easter and Lent — Palm Monday // Shrove Tuesday // Ash Wednesday // Grand Thursday // Good Friday // Holy Saturday // Easter Sunday
  3. Easter is associated with which Jewish holiday? — Passover // Hanukkah // Yom Kippur // Sukkot
  4. Which of these is the official flower of Easter? — White lily // Red rose // Pink hyacinth // Yellow tulip
  5. Which iconic British chocolatier made the first chocolate egg for Easter in 1873? — Cadbury’s // Whittaker’s // Duffy’s // Fry’s

Round 2: Zooming into Easter

Round 3: Easter Around the World

  1. The traditional ‘Easter egg roll’ happens at which iconic U.S site? — The Washington Monument // The Greenbrier // Laguna Beach // The White House
  2. In which city, where it is believed Jesus was crucified, do people carry a cross through the streets at Easter? — Damascus (Syria) // Jerusalem (Israel) // Beirut (Lebanon) // Istanbul (Turkey)
  3. ‘Virvonta’ is a tradition where children dress as Easter witches in which country? — Italy // Finland // Russia // New Zealand
  4. In the Easter tradition of ‘Scoppio del Carro’, an ornate cart with fireworks explodes outside which landmark in Florence? — The Basilica of Santo Spirito // The Boboli Gardens // The Duomo // The Uffizi Gallery
  5. Which of these is a picture of the Polish Easter festival ‘Śmigus Dyngus’? — (This question only works on our Easter quiz template)
  6. Dancing is banned in which country on Good Friday? — Germany // Indonesia // South Africa // Trinidad and Tobago
  7. To save awareness of an endangered native species, Australia offered which chocolate alternative to the Easter bunny? — Easter Wombat // Easter Cassowary // Easter Kangaroo // Easter Bilby
  8. Easter Island, discovered on Easter Sunday in 1722, is now part of which country? — Chile // Singapore // Colombia // Bahrain
  9. ‘Rouketopolemos’ is an event in which country where two rival church congregations fire homemade rockets at each other? — Peru // Greece // Turkey // Serbia
  10. During Easter In Papua New Guinea, trees outside of churches are decorated with what? — Tinsel // Bread // Tobacco // Eggs

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