How to Host a Quiz for Team Building for Free in 2020! (Tips + Quiz Ideas)

8 min readOct 14, 2020
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Everyone loves a quiz, but a quiz for team building? Erm…

The promise of team building activities usually invokes exasperated groans and a flurry of resignation notices, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

AhaSlides are here to show you that it’s possible to create a team building quiz that’s fun, engaging, morale-boosting and free. Read on for how to do it and why you should!

In This Post, We’ll Cover…

  • Why Have a Quiz for Team Building?
  • 4 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Quiz for Team Building
  • Types of Question in a Quiz for Team Building
  • 3 Easy Ideas for a Team Building Quiz
  • The Best Free Tool for Making a Quiz for Team Building?

Why Have a Quiz for Team Building?

We all know that teamwork is important, right? So why do so many of us overlook it?

According to the guys at, there’s a dire need for teamwork in the workplace. Team building exercises like quizzes can do wonders for your staff’s morale, output and longevity:

  1. 33% of workers rate lack of communication as the biggest negative impact to morale.
  2. 54% of workers stay at a company longer than they otherwise would because of the strong sense of community there.
  3. 97% of workers say that lack of teamwork has serious implications for how well a project does.

A quiz for team building is a fantastic way to encourage something so fundamentally crucial to the success of a business. If you can, try to include them regularly and often; they might just be one of the driving forces in your success!

4 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Quiz for Team Building

Like with anything in the workplace nowadays, the more collaboration, the better.

Here are 4 tips to hosting a team building quiz that delights, dazzles and delivers every time.

Tip #1 — Personalise it for Your Team

Any great team building quiz connects your staff on a personal level.

The topics for your quiz, as much as possible, should be centred around them. Charlie’s weird office plant, Yuri’s at-desk exercises, the cinnamon bun that Paula has left in the fridge for 6 weeks; it’s all great material for a hilarious quiz centred around its players.

Even if you operate remotely, there are sure to be some quirks of the virtual office that are begging to be addressed.

Of course, you don’t need to have the entire quiz based around your co-workers. Just one round of questions is enough to get team spirit coursing!

Tip #2 — Make it a Team Quiz

Upping the competition factor is a surefire way to skyrocket the engagement in your quiz.

To that end, turning your quiz into a team quiz is the way to go. You can have as little as two people on one team and as many as an entire department’s worth of staff.

To help encourage relationships where you think they might be lacking, try assigning the teams yourself. Putting Jenny from marketing with Mike from logistics might just be the start of something beautiful.

Tip #3 — Mix it up

There’s a far too common tendency for quizzes to stick to the same bland soup of general knowledge, news, music and sport. 10 questions per round, 4 rounds per quiz. Done. Right?

Well, no; a quiz for team building demands more variety.

It’s hard to foster team spirit in restrictive conditions. That’s why quizzes that break the mould and add different types of questions and games to their roster are so much more effective and engaging.

There’s so much you can do with this. We’ll talk about different types of quiz games later in this article.

Tip #4 — Allow for Creativity

Speaking of restrictive conditions; have you ever noticed how closed off and negative people can become when they’re given a menial task?

Sapping the creativity out of someone is just about the worst thing you can do as a boss. That’s why the best team building quizzes encourage artistic flair as much as possible.

You can do this in many ways. Maybe add a practical round where teams can make something. Have a writing task that rewards the best novelist. Include a storytelling aspect where the best story told gets the points.

Types of Question in a Quiz for Team Building

So, you know why you should, let’s take a look at how you should using AhaSlides’ free software.

We’re talking a fully immersive, fully engaging, fully personalised quiz that operates 100% online. No need to get the losing team to recycle stacks of used paper!

1. Pick an Answer

Simple and dependable, a pick an answer quiz type is the backbone of any great trivia game. You know how it works — simply pose a question, provide multiple options and give your audience a time limit to choose the right one.

How to Make it

1. Choose a Pick Answer slide on AhaSlides.

2. Write the question and its answers in the field. Check the box on the right of the correct answer.

3. Change the other settings depending on the time limit and the points system you want for your quiz.

Your players will see the question and possible answers on their phones. Depending on what ‘other settings’ you’ve chosen, they’ll rack up their score throughout your pick an image slides and will see their score in the leaderboard at the end.

2. Pick an Image

Punctuating your team quiz for work with a few pick an image questions is a nice way to mix it up and keep everyone on their toes.

If you’ve got some photos of the office and the staff on your phone, this is a great way to make your quiz more relatable for your staff.

How to Make it

1. Choose a Pick Image slide on AhaSlides.

2. Write your question and add your images in the answer fields. You can do this either via an upload or by using AhaSlides’ embedded image and GIF libraries.

3. Change the other settings depending on the time limit and the points system you want for your quiz.

As we said before, if you create an image quiz that centres around the office life, it’s going to brew some serious hilarity for your players. Images and GIFs will be shown on phones and answers will be presented in a bar chart on the main screen.

3. Type an Answer

Opening up the creativity is a great idea in any quiz for team building.

Indeed, multiple choice questions may be a little restricting for your team. Give them a chance to break out with an open-ended question in a type answer slide.

How to Make it

1. Choose a Pick Answer slide on AhaSlides.

2. Write the question and correct answer. Add as many acceptable other answers as you can think of.

3. Change the time to answer and reward points system for the question.

Quiz players will be able to make their guesses on their phones and see if it’s one of the accepted answers you’ve set. Like with other quiz slides, you can have the leaderboard immediately after each question, or save it until the end of a section.

3 Easy Ideas for a Team Building Quiz

Sounding a little basic? Don’t just stick to the standard quiz format, there are tonnes of ways to use these slides.

Luckily, we’ve written about 10 of the best of them here. These are tailored to virtual meetings, but there’s a lot that you can adapt into a quiz for team building.

We’ll give you a few here:

Quiz Idea #1: Picture Zoom

This is a type answer quiz that relies on your staff’s keen eye for detail.

  1. Start by creating a type answer quiz and selecting an image that means something to your team.
  2. When asked to crop the picture for the slide, zoom in on it and show only a couple of details.
  3. Pose the question ‘What’s this?’ in the heading and write the acceptable answers in the answer fields.
  4. In the leaderboard slide that follows your quiz, set the full-sized image as the background for the big reveal!

Quiz Idea #2 — Most Likely to…

This is a simple multiple choice quiz that calls out the quirks of your colleagues.

  1. Write ‘Most likely to…’ in the heading.
  2. In the description, write the outlandish scenario in which one your team members might actually indulge.
  3. Write the names of your team members and limit each player to one answer.
  4. Remove the checkbox for ‘this question has correct answer(s)’.

Quiz Idea #3 — Staff Soundbite

Here’s a type answer quiz slide that also makes use of AhaSlides’ audio quiz features.

  1. Either record or get your team members to record an audio impression of another team member.
  2. Create a type answer slide with the title ‘Who’s this?’
  3. Embed the audio clip into the slide and choose the playback settings.
  4. Add some other acceptable answers.
  5. Maybe put a little visual clue as the background to the slide.

The Best Free Tool for Making a Quiz for Team Building?

The above are just a few examples of games you could include in your quiz for team building! There’s so much potential with AhaSlides‘ quiz slides, as well as others like word cloud, open-ended and Q&A slides.

Find the full list of quiz games for team building here (you might also find a few good ideas in our online icebreaker list, here).

AhaSlides is the ideal tool for creating and presenting a team building quiz for free. Start building your team morale today by clicking on the button below!





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