SkoleTube and AhaSlides: A New Partnership Bringing Interactive Edtech to Denmark

What is AhaSlides and How Can it Benefit SkoleTube Users?

4 Ways in Which AhaSlides Will Benefit SkoleTube Users

  1. Connected learning — The communal nature of AhaSlides means that student input is hugely enhanced through the software. All activities on AhaSlides have the option to be anonymous, meaning that reserved students will have equal say and students that tend to jump on the bandwagon will form their own opinions.
  2. Fun lessons — Students will be able to take part in brainstorming sessions, quizzes, interactive polls and thought-based Q&A sessions. They also have opportunities to lead their own fun activities, which help to increase their understanding of the topics being discussed along with their confidence in presenting them.
  3. User-friendly interface — The design of the AhaSlides interface makes it simple for educators and learners of any digital ability to use the software. Its ease of use and potential for student-led learning were principle features in SkoleTube’s decision to forge the partnership.
  4. Cloud-operation — AhaSlides’ software works in both the real classroom and the virtual one. It gives remote students a chance to take part in collective learning, even if they’re present in a digital environment.

SkoleTube on How AhaSlides Can Work for the Classroom

The AhaSlides Story



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