The 12 Best Student Engagement Strategies to Ignite Learning in 2021

How to Increase Student Engagement — The Guide

Why do Student Engagement Strategies Matter?

Student Engagement Strategies — 4 Easy Wins

#1 — Use Student Opinions

#2 — Get ’em Talking

#3 — Breed Competition with a Quiz

Competitions have much to offer in education, no matter what your view is…. and should enjoy broader acceptance.

Dr. Tom Verhoeff, Eindhoven University of Technology.

#4 — Set up Q&A Checkpoints

Ignite real learning.

Student Engagement Strategies — 4 Long Plays

#5 — Let them Teach it

#6 — Mix up your Style

#7 — Make it Relevant

#8 — Give them a Choice

Student Engagement Strategies — 4 for Online Learning

#9 — Embrace the Technology

#10 — Flip the Script

#11 — Take a Gallery Walk

#12 — Never Forsake Group Work

Get hands raised in every lesson.



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