Virtual Facilitation: How the Guys Behind Facilitator Cards Beat ‘Zoom Fatigue’ with AhaSlides

How Does AhaSlides Help Virtual Facilitation?

5 Ways That AhaSlides Assists in Virtual Facilitation

  1. Using spotlight slides (slides that ask participants to choose between red, orange, and green lights) can easily gauge participant readiness and help set the pace of the presentation. They also help to check the understanding of a particular topic after it has been discussed.
  2. Using open-ended slides with emojis gives participants a chance to freely express plans and opinions with a fun twist. During the Brain Jam, the facilitators used these slides to elicit participation promises in a way that was “a little more seamless than it usually happens in-person”.
  3. Using slides with anonymity helps to address questions that might be a little too personal in an in-person setting. A facilitator would never (or at least, should definitely never) ask a live group to disclose their sexual orientation, and might expect a 0% answer rate if they do. Brain Jam revealed that adding anonymity to this exact question during virtual facilitation got a 100% answer rate.
  4. Using vanishing options is a great way to narrow in on a result from a wide consensus. Virtual facilitators can ask a question with multiple choice answers, then eliminate the least popular answer, duplicate the slide and ask the same question again with one fewer answer. Doing this repeatedly, and hiding the votes to prevent bandwagoning, can bring about some surprising results.
  5. Using the Q&A slide type is a great way to encourage participants to set the agenda for the virtual meeting. These open-ended slides don’t just allow everyone to propose topics, but the ‘thumbs up’ feature also lets them vote on which proposed topics they most want to discuss.

The Key Takeaway for Virtual Facilitators

A Great Way to Mix In-Person and Virtual Facilitation



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