Virtual Thanksgiving Party 2020: 8 Free Ideas + 3 Downloads!

Your Guide to Free Virtual Thanksgiving Party Ideas

8 Free Ideas for a Virtual Thanksgiving Party in 2020

Idea #1 — PowerPoint Party

How to Make it

  1. Tell each of your guests to come up with a simple presentation on Google Slides, AhaSlides, PowerPoint, or any other presentation software.
  2. Set a time limit and/or slide limit to ensure presentations don’t go on forever.
  3. When it’s the day of your virtual Thanksgiving party, let each person present their PowerPoints in turn.
  4. At the end of each presentation, have a ‘scales’ slide on which the audience can vote on different aspects of the presentation.
  5. Write down the marks and award prizes to the best presentation in each category!

Idea #2 — Virtual Thanksgiving Quiz

How to Use It

  1. Click the link above to download the quiz.
  2. Take 3 minutes to create a free AhaSlides account when prompted.
  3. On the My Presentations dashboard, click on Virtual Thanksgiving Quiz.
  4. Change anything you want about the quiz to fit your audience.
  5. Share the join code that sits at the top of each slide with your partygoers on Thanksgiving Day.
  6. Get quizzing!

Idea #3 — Who’s Thankful?

How to Make It

  1. Gather one hand-drawn picture from each guest of your party.
  2. Upload that picture to an ‘image’ content slide on AhaSlides.
  3. Create a ‘multiple choice’ slide afterwards with Who’s Thankful? as the title and the names of your guests as the answers.
  4. Create an ‘open-ended’ slide after that with What are they Thankful for? as the title.
  5. Award 1 point to anyone who guessed the right artist and 1 point to anyone who guessed what the drawing is.
  6. Optionally, give a bonus point for the most hilarious answer to What are they Thankful for?

Idea #4 — Homemade Cornucopia

How to Make It

  1. Get all of your guests to buy ice cream cones and Thanksgiving-based, or just orange, candy. (I know we said ‘free virtual Thanksgiving party ideas’, but we’re sure your guests could fork out $2 each for this one).
  2. On Thanksgiving Day, everyone takes their laptops into the kitchen.
  3. Follow along together with the simple instructions on Daily DIY Life.

Idea #5 — Give Thanks

How to Make It

  1. Create a word cloud slide on AhaSlides with the title of Who are you most thankful for?
  2. Get everyone to put forward the names of one or more people for whom they are super thankful.
  3. Names that are mentioned the most will appear in larger text at the centre. Names get smaller and less close to the centre the less they are mentioned.

Idea #6 — Scavenger Hunt

How to Use It

  1. Download the free scavenger hunt list above and send it to your partygoers (or just show it on your screen on Thanksgiving Day).
  2. When you say ‘Go’, everyone begins scouring their house for the items on the list.
  3. Items don’t have to be the exact items on the list; close approximations are more than acceptable (i.e., a belt tied around a baseball cap in place of a genuine pilgrim hat).
  4. The first person back with a close enough approximation of each item wins!

Idea #7 — Monster Turkey

How to Make It

  1. Go to Draw Chat and click on Start New Whiteboard.
  2. Copy your personal whiteboard link at the bottom of the page and share it with your partygoers.
  3. Make a list of turkey features (heads, legs, beaks, etc.)
  4. Type /roll into the chat in the bottom-right of Draw Chat to roll the virtual dice.
  5. Write the resulting numbers before each turkey feature.
  6. Assign someone to draw the monster turkey with the specified number of features.
  7. Repeat this process for all your partygoers and take a vote on whose was the best!

Idea #8 — Charades

How to Use It

  1. Download the free charades list above and add several of your own ideas.
  2. On party day, give each person between 3 and 5 words to perform.
  3. Record how long it takes for them to act out their word set and get a correct guess for each word.
  4. The person with the fastest time wins!

Want More for Your Virtual Thanksgiving Party?

Don’t be a Turkey!



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