Word Clouds are the future of interactive presentations! Here’s how to create a live Word Cloud together with your audience!

4 min readApr 17, 2020


Pack your bags folks, we’re going on an interactive adventure with AhaSlides’ new Word Cloud tool! Forget about boring one-way presentations where the most input your audience can have is a two-minute Q and A at the end. Interactivity is the newest, greatest thing in presentations and we’re leading the change with our awesome, new Word Cloud tool!

Who hasn’t fallen asleep in a lecture hall? Or wandered onto their social media accounts in the middle of a live presentation? It’s not your fault. Presentations can be dull. That said, you can now bring your audience into your presentation by embedding a beautiful, live Word Cloud that is made of their own responses.

But how do you choose which boredom busting Word Cloud tool is right for you?

There are a million ‘create a Word Cloud’ tools out there you could use. That said, ours is, simply, the best.

We’ve scoured the internet and tried every Word Cloud tool out there. We’ve then taken our buckets of research and poured them into a Word Cloud tool that incorporates all of the very best features we could find!

We’ve made Word Clouds as easy as ABC.

Let’s say you’re a teacher in a vocational school. You teach mechanics and you’re explaining how to repair a generator. You’ve already gone through each of the different tools required. Now you want to test whether or not your audience knows which tool you need next.

1. Log in to your AhaSlides account,

2. Select ‘Word Cloud’ from the question ‘type’ menu,

3. Set the parameters of your question. It’s as easy as that!

AhaSlides’ Word Cloud also gives you options. You can limit the amount of responses a person can enter. You can also hide the results so that people who answer faster don’t influence people who might take a little more time to answer.

It’s cost effective.

Let’s say you’re a artist who has to give a presentation on how to create beautiful pieces of art. You want to create a piece of art live and you want your audience to participate. They will choose the colours that you use. A Word Cloud is a great way to poll your audience. But you’re a struggling artist and professional presentation software can be expensive! AhaSlides is the high quality, economical alternative. You can even open a free account to try it out today.

Your reach knows no limits.

You’re a chef and you live stream cooking presentations and tutorials online. Your audience watches as you create amazing dishes in pots that bubble and boil. It’s important that you involve your audience. Even if your audience is scattered all over the world, they can still contribute to your Word Cloud. All they need is a computer or a mobile phone. Then they simply scan the QR code or follow the link. It’s super easy!

Once they start entering their answers you’ll see a Word Cloud forming right before your eyes!

Word Clouds have become a popular tool in online presentations. They’re interactive and fun and we’ve created a simple and easy to use tool that you can try for free today. That said, Word Clouds are not alone. We also offer Q and A, Open Ended, Multiple Choice, and Quiz Slides. Try them all! What are you waiting for?

Give it a go now!




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