Even the most disciplined companies out there can sometimes feel their projects going astray. More often than not, the problem is one of preparation. The solution? A well-structured and fully interactive project kickoff meeting!

More than mere pomp and ceremony, a well-executed kickoff meeting can really get something beautiful off on the right foot. Here are 8 steps to holding a project kickoff meeting that builds excitement and gets everyone on the same page.

What is a Project Kickoff Meeting?

Like it says on the tin, a project kickoff meeting is a meeting where you kickoff your project.

Usually a project kickoff meeting is the first…

13 May 2021

We hear it all the time: a great teacher is a great motivator. It’s a simple idea, but it rests on a concept that educators have been battling for decades: how do I motivate my students?

Well, demotivation breeds demotivation. If you can’t motivate your students, how can you motivate yourself to teach them?

It’s a vicious cycle, but the 12 student engagement strategies below can help you to stop the rot.

How to Increase Student Engagement — The Guide

  • Why do Student Engagement Strategies Matter?
  • 4 Easy Wins
  • 4 Long Plays
  • 4 for Online Learning

Why do Student Engagement Strategies Matter?

It can be easy to write off disengaged students…

Looking to test your friends’ knowledge ahead of the finale of history’s greatest anime? Keep reading; we’ve got 40 questions and answers for the ultimate Attack on Titan quiz!

Below, you can download the entire quiz on AhaSlides for 100% free, then use it to test your friends (also for free) using AhaSlides’ live quizzing software.

Ready? Now or never, Mikasa.

Your Guide to the Attack on Titan Quiz

  • The 40-Question Attack on Titan Quiz (Free Download!)
  • Attack on Titan Quiz Questions and Answers
  • How to Use the Free Attack on Titan Quiz on AhaSlides
  • 3 More Ideas for your Attack on Titan Quiz
  • Don’t Stop Quizzing!

The 40-Question Attack on Titan Quiz (Free Download!)


Looking to resurrect the fun times this Easter? We’ve got the perfect Easter quiz for you and your friends!

Below you’ll find 20 questions about everything Easter. We’re talking bunnies, eggs, religion and the Australian Easter Bilby.

The whole quiz is available for immediate free download on AhaSlides. Check out how it works below!

The Ultimate Easter Quiz 2021 — Free Download 👇

Take a look through the Easter quiz by clicking the link below. It’s held on AhaSlides, a free piece of software that lets you run interactive quizzes in real time.


You can start using this Easter quiz for free within 3 minuteshere’s how:

  1. Click…

Lawrence Haywood

New to online teaching? The pros and cons of e-learning can be a little unclear at first.

Still, with our classrooms and our world getting ever more remote, there’s never been a better time to learn the what, why and how of digital education.

Here’s a bumper list of 20 pros and cons of e-learning in a live virtual classroom, as well as 4 free tools that can help your classes engage more remote students!

Your Guide to the Pros and Cons of E-Learning

  • The 12 Pros of E-Learning
  • The 8 Cons of E-Learning
  • 4 Free Tools for the Live Virtual Classroom

The 12 Pros of E-Learning

1. Flexibility

Let’s start with the obvious…

Why and how to start a virtual book club at school

Ah, the humble virtual school book club — remember that from the old days?

Chances are, probably not. The world has changed so much since today’s teachers were in school; now we have to adapt to the rapidly growing remotification of everything in education.

Keeping students in touch with books in the modern world is not easy. But, an engaging virtual literature circle could be the answer.

At AhaSlides, we’ve been helping teachers go remote for a good few years now. …

If we’re going to remember 2020 for anything, let it be online quizzes. Online quiz fever spread around the world like some sort of unnamed airborne virus, enthralling players and leaving them with one burning question:

How do I make a quiz like a pro?

AhaSlides have been in the quiz business (the ‘quizness’) since before quiz fever and other various infections took over the world. We’ve written a super quick AhaGuide to making a quiz in 4 simple steps, with 15 tips to reach a quizzing triumph!

Your Guide to Making a Quiz

  • When to Throw a Quiz
  • Step 1 — Choose your Structure
  • Step…

Image courtesty of the British Safety Council

Virtual facilitation is here to stay, but transitioning from face-to-face training to virtual training is often more work than many facilitators realise.

That’s why we adapt. This 2021 guide to hosting a virtual training session comes with 17 tips and tools for a smooth migration of methods. No matter how long you’ve been leading training sessions, we’re sure you’ll find something useful in the tips below!

Your Guide to Virtual Training

  1. What is Virtual Training?
  2. Why Virtual Training?
  3. Structuring Tips
  4. Activity Tips
  5. Presentation Tips
  6. Interaction Tips
  7. Free Tools for Virtual Training

What is Virtual Training?

Put simply, virtual training is training that takes place online, as opposed to face-to-face…

Image courtesy of The Next Web

That time of the year again; the time of debauchery, office hijinks and creative/artistic uses for the photocopy machine. Except, no, because COVID has cancelled the end-of-year party, right? Not entirely; not the virtual company party.

At AhaSlides, we’re determined to forge ahead with our traditional year-end shenanigans. We think that taking them online is a great way to reconnect our colleagues and let off some steam at the end of an energy-sapping year.

That’s why we’re sharing our 10 ideas for a virtual company party in 2020, along with tips + tools to make it memorable!

In this Post, We’ll Look at…

  • Should you Throw…

If ever a party rulebook existed, it’s been well and truly thrown out in 2020. The way has been paved for the humble virtual party, and throwing a great one is a skill that’s becoming ever more vital.

But where do you start?

Well, the 30 free virtual party ideas below are perfect for tight purse strings and any kind of online bash. You’ll find unique activities for online parties, events and meetings, all fostering connection through heaps of free online tools.

Your Guide to These 30 Free Virtual Party Ideas

Before you crack on with scrolling through the mega list below, let us quickly explain how it works.


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